Islamabad is known for its greenery as well as the scenic beauty of the Margalla hills. Moreover, it is also infamous for its expensive living costs as compared to other parts of the country. However, that is not entirely the case as there are some Housing societies located in the heart of Islamabad that not only fulfill the feeling of living in an elite environment, but also provide you your dream home destination at an affordable price. Let us not look at some of these societies that can be easily affordable by the common man and its prices are relatively cheaper than the areas in central Islamabad.  Some best housing societies for affordable luxury are the following:

Blue world city:

Blue world city apartments are considered as the most luxurious apartments in the surrounding areas. There are multiple reasons why the Blue world city apartments are so luxurious and one of the reasons is that it is built in cooperation with international companies. Such companies comprise of both the skill as well as the experience to construct cheap houses for sale. In addition to this, they also have the high tech machinery to construct such luxury apartments in Islamabad.  One more benefit is that they tend to complete development work before time, so it can easily get you great profits if invested on time.

Park view city:

The Parkview apartments also come in the category of the best housing societies with both luxury and affordability. Park view city is located near malat road and has quite and appealing look both from the top and from the front. It is filled with lush green trees and is home to some unique and world class architecture. Furthermore, it is also equipped with recreational parks, wide roads, high tech security team, educational institutions, hospitals and much more. The Parkview apartments are known for their affordability as well as their build quality and the most recommended apartments amongst all real estate dealers. In addition to this, they can also prove to be some great investment opportunities.

Nova city:

When talking about affordability as well as build quality as well as luxury, nova city apartments is the ideal choice. Nova city brings you some great diversity in their options for purchasing apartments. They do provide multiple size options as well as great diversity in pricing. Furthermore, in Islamabad luxury apartments we can consider nova city to come under this tagline.

Lastly, you can find best affordable luxury apartments in Housing Societies like Parkview ,Nova and blue world Islamabad to get better living standards. Do visit our website for more

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